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Unlike the fleeting stardom of celebrities who walk the red carpet, the essence of the stars who shine in this volume is their inner light which leads them to lead lives of purpose and meaning.

By weaving together stories about luminaries in the fields of medicine, the arts, education, law, religion and the media with personal vignettes about her own life, the author reveals a parallel universe where Jews don't kvetch, they kvell, about their meaningful relationships, their good fortune and their faith.  



"Like The Stars of The Heavens" is a book that shines almost as brightly as the very stars in heaven...I didn't want to put the book down...Helen has a gift for writing and my eyes were filled with tears because she puts so much of her heart into the book... a wonderful gift for everyone...men, women and teenagers."

                    Naomi Klass Mauer, Associate Publisher, The Jewish Press


"Touching and inspirational..."Like The Stars of The Heavens" communicates the heart and soul of a true spiritual seeker."

                                   Rabbi David Aaron, author, Living A Joyous Life


"Helen Schwimmer is a masterful writer who perceives the intricate details of a story and brilliantly connects the dots to find G-d's hidden hand guiding the lives of the extraordinary people she has met and written about in her powerful new book.  A very satisfying and rewarding read."

                                                            Molly Resnick, Founder & Director of MATCKH
Mothers Against Teaching Children To Kill and Hate


 "Her writing is tender, insightful, and humorous...Prepare yourself to be entertained as each person's life, message and deep humanity unfold, and keep a box of Kleenex nearby.  I love this book."

                                                Sonia Beker, author, Symphony on Fire 


"This book acted as a 'virtual' bikur cholim companion when I was going crazy with a tenacious cold.  I enjoyed it immensely."    

                      Levana Kirschenbaum, author, Levana Cooks Dairy Free


"The holocaust survivors, liberators and witnesses are vanishing never to be heard from again except in a museum or book.  The inspiring, beautifully written stories in this volume will serve as a poignant memorial to us and to our experiences.

Jay M. Ipson, President & Executive Director, Virginia Holocaust Museum


"Anyone that reads this book will be inspired to reach for the stars and dream the impossible."

                                                             Ahuvah Gray, author, Gifts of a Stranger