Experience The Blessings and The Challenges

In this poignant and inspirational collection of stories Helen Zegerman Schwimmer invites us to accompany her on a memorable journey through time and space.

As she weaves together more than 30 stories about her family and luminaries in the arts and sciences we experience the challenges and the blessings she shares in this intimate account of her life.

Helen Zegerman Schwimmer
Lilly & Ludwig Friedman, 1946

Join her as she travels to Munich, Germany on a mission to reclaim her past; experience the joy of exploring the wisdom of Torah in the rarefied air of a mountaintop in Utah; drive up New York’s Route 9W to tour the oldest surviving Jewish residence in north America; sit down for a Passover Seder in Brooklyn with honored guests, Barbie and Ken; marvel at the Nuremberg courtroom recreated down to the smallest detail in a museum in Virginia; fly with her to Los Angeles to have dinner with a world-famous mom; follow her down the yellow brick road for an over the rainbow reunion.